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Dematic Introduces RapidStore® Mini Load ASRS

Dematic, a supplier of logistics systems for the factory, warehouse and distribution center, has introduced RapidStore ML, a miniload automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) that handles totes and cartons. It is a high density, compact load staging and sequencing solution, for reserve storage, goods-to-person order fulfillment, automatic pick face replenishment, palletizing, and order consolidation applications. For the production environment, the RapidStore solution is ideal for kitting, work-in-process buffers, and materials storage applications.

RapidStore is fast. The all aluminum, lightweight mast construction combined with advanced horizontal/vertical belt drives, or optional wheel drive, allows high acceleration/deceleration, and high velocity transport speeds. In a typical application, this allows the RapidStore solution to support higher throughput rates than previous versions of miniload ASRS.

RapidStore is configurable. It is equipped with a telescopic extractor, or table load handling device that can store single, double, or triple deep in a rack structure. The load handling device can accommodate totes, trays and cartons. Furthermore, the load handling device can be configured in side-by-side or stacked arrangements in order to accommodate multiple loads weighing up to 110 pounds (50kg) each. Each load handling device can be configured to handle one or two loads. Up to six loads can be transported simultaneously on the RapidStore Miniload.

RapidStore is flexible. As an option, the miniload can be equipped with a Flex version of the load handling device. The Flex load handling device accommodates loads of varying widths to allow storage of multiple load unit sizes in the same system.

RapidStore is modular. The mast design can accommodate a variety of building heights. The single or double mast miniload is available in multiple heights: 32’ (10 m), 45’ (14 m) and 65’ (20 m).

According to Mike Khodl, Vice President of Solution Development at Dematic, “The ability to handle multiple loads per trip along with increased operating speeds means more cycles per hour; this high performance capability strengthens the business case for RapidStore. Since the load handling device is engineered to accommodate cartons, users can place inventory directly into RapidStore.”

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About Dematic
Dematic is a global engineering company that provides a comprehensive range of intelligent warehouse logistics and materials handling solutions. With a global knowledge network of more than 4,500 skilled logistics professionals, Dematic is able to provide customers with a unique perspective in world-class materials handling solution design. Our commitment to solution development, combined with engineering centers and manufacturing plants in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, ensures Dematic has the range and capability to provide reliable, flexible, cost-effective solutions globally. Our successful track record has led to the development and implementation of more than 5,000 integrated systems for a customer base that includes small, medium, and large companies doing business in a variety of market sectors. Dematic generates a global business volume of approximately $1.5 billion.
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