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Digiducer Digital Accelerometer Enables Cloud Based Blade Life Monitoring

Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Cosen Saws, a leading global manufacturer of industrial band saws, has selected the Digiducer™ USB Digital Accelerometer as their embedded vibration monitoring input for their MechaLogix cloud based machinery monitoring technology. The Digiducer digital USB piezoelectric accelerometer was chosen for its high dynamic range, rugged performance in the factory environment, and the simplicity of integration with its plug-and-play capability within standard operating systems (

Continuous vibration monitoring is the cornerstone of the Cosen MechaLogix predictive capabilities for band saw life. Blade wear, as well as a blade failure, are significant considerations in product waste and scrap.

"With our technology, both operators and management will know the remaining useful life on a band saw blade," said Mr. Joshua Sun, Business Development Manager of Cosen. "Gone are the days of tracking machine hours and accumulated cutting area. Now you have advance knowledge of the days and hours before a replacement saw blade is required. That's what MechaLogix Cosen Predictive Computing does."

MechaLogix gives real-time performance data and can report issues like excessive vibration, overheating and changes in fluid line pressure. The root cause of an issue is reported in real-time which equates to minimal down-time and more efficient operations. The technology is intuitive and user customizable. Adjustable alert notification settings work seamlessly with the mobile app. "We have been delighted with the enthusiastic response from our customers who have partnered with us during the course of the program," said Mr. Sun.

Mr. Tom Clary, Senior Project Engineer at Digiducer adds that "The plug-and-play capability of Digiducer enabled Cosen to develop integrated vibration monitoring straight from the box. Following computer and operating system industry standards, the vibration data stream was flowing immediately after plugging in the USB cable."

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