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Distributed Multichannel Sound and Vibration Measurement System / calibrated accuracy & flexibil

By connecting a number of individual measuring units through various communication channels, the user may create the optimal multichannel system for any task. Dedicated user-friendly application packages for various uses are available, and the system control is done with a PC running the latest state-of-the-art Windows7 platform.

The concept of individual units for each measuring channel offers a very high degree of operating flexibility. Use individual meters separately or combined with a multi-channel measuring system. Use a multichannel system one day - and many individual measuring units another day! No need to store away an expensive multichannel system for months until the next big project turns up!

Simply connect the measuring units for all the channels - and the software handles the rest.

Within a couple of seconds the measuring channels appear automatically on the PC screen ready to be used!

One of the best features is that each individual unit meets ALL requirements for ANSI or IEC sound level meter specifications and can be homologated by an accredited verification laboratory which means that even the entire multichannel system may be homologated!  The software holds control of next verification dates for all connected measuring channels and gives warning in time for the possible upcoming verification.

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