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Doble Brings Condition Monitoring to More Transformers with Calisto H1

New hydrogen detector samples transformer oil in real time, equipping utilities with more health information for faster, more confident decisions

MARLBOROUGH, MA -- Doble Engineering Company, a leader in power grid diagnostic solutions and subsidiary of ESCO Technologies Inc. (NYSE: ESE), today announced the release of Calisto™ H1. The new hydrogen detector takes real-time measurements for quick intervention against faults and gives power and utility teams the flexibility to monitor a greater number of assets more cost-effectively.

The detector is installed directly on a transformer valve and continuously samples the oil within the asset, measuring hydrogen levels. Power and utility teams are automatically alerted of spikes and abnormalities that could indicate an electrical fault. The real-time results enabled by the new device eliminate the need for manual oil sampling, equipping teams to swiftly and safely catch and address asset issues without having to send personnel into the field, or the sample to a lab for analysis.

"Speed, efficiency and comprehensive information are linchpins for grid reliability. The more real-time insight teams have into asset condition, the better positioned they are to act quickly at the first sign of a health concern and avoid failure," said Tony McGrail, solutions director at Doble Engineering Company. "To ensure the highest levels of asset performance, engineers and technicians also need to know what the data means and the significance of any changes in transformer condition. Doble's team of experts work alongside power and utility companies to provide that vital context and advise on the best courses of action."

With Calisto H1, teams can deploy condition monitoring on more transformers, including smaller and lower risk assets, at a lower cost. The device is built to both take proactive, cost-effective measurements on its own, and feed into a larger asset performance program.

The detector seamlessly integrates as an additional monitor within the Calisto™ Condition Monitoring platform, giving users a clear and consolidated means to assess transformer condition. Customers can easily select Calisto H1 from a drop-down menu and deploy within minutes of installation.

"We're committed to making asset performance management as easy, straightforward and valuable as possible," added McGrail.

Doble's Calisto Condition Monitoring portfolio includes a broad range of equipment, from the new hydrogen detector to full multi-gas diagnostics.

For more information on the Calisto H1, please visit the website.

About Doble Engineering Company

The team at Doble Engineering Company ensures reliable, safe and secure power for all. We do this by providing comprehensive diagnostics and engineering expertise for the energy industry.

Founded in 1920, Doble is committed to the continuing education of our customers, and the support and training of the next generation of power industry workers – uniting the utility sector for an innovative future.

Doble serves customers around the globe; our companies and product lines include Manta Test Systems, Morgan Schaffer and Vanguard Instruments.

Doble is part of the Utility Solutions Group of ESCO Technologies Inc. (NYSE: ESE). For more information, visit:, follow us on Twitter @doble and connect on LinkedIn.

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