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DP World To Transform Asset Management Practices Across Its Global Operations

Standing in front of a 45 ton container handler with DP World’s new Asset Management Policy in hand in the Port of Manila are Asian Terminals Inc (ATI) executives. Left to right – Bas Hokke, ATI Vice President operations; Andrew Hoad, ATI CEO; Crisanto Martin, ATI Acting Vice President (Engineering). The terminal is the first in DP World’s global portfolio to be included in the Asset Management programme.The new Asset Management Framework brings together all assets under one system, from quay and yard cranes, terminal yards, and berth equipment, to energy supply outlets and plant machinery.  The programme means assets are managed across the full portfolio rather than terminal by terminal. This helps to improve efficiency, for example putting in place a maintenance programme that minimises disruption to customer service, or ensuring the right equipment is deployed to meet customers’ needs in the right place at the right time.  DP World has awarded a contract to eAsset Management (eAssetM) to support the implementation of asset management practices globally and to create an Asset Management Centre of Excellence. The move follows a year-long pilot study into the value and performance of asset management approaches in the company. The programme is consistent with the international standard ISO55001.

Mohammed Sharaf, Group CEO, DP World, said: “This comprehensive programme will roll out over three years and will establish a consistent and co-ordinated approach to manage our substantial assets across our global portfolio. By ensuring that our assets are used to their absolute optimal level, we improve efficiency and reduce costs, and we can be sure that we are providing top quality customer service from those assets.”

Rhys Davies, President of eAsset Management, commented: “We are looking forward to bringing our experience of working with similar global customers to help DP World. Our approach is to support the company to establish a formal framework to manage its assets that will then enable the company to manage the programme themselves. The three year project is therefore built around developing capabilities for them to continue this long term programme internally.”

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