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Dreisilker Electric Motors Strategic Partnership with Dr. Howard Penrose and Success By Design

Effective April 1 2015, Dr. Penrose’s consultancy will lead Dreisilker’s Business Development and Research initiatives. Dr. Penrose and Dreisilker will focus their mutual efforts within the power generation/emerging energies sector as well as the mining, steel, and processing industries with the ultimate goal of developing new technologies and advancing the state of Motor Repair.

“This is an important strategic change for Dreisilker Electric Motors” states company President Leo F. Dreisilker. “Our ability to service our customers and provide advanced forensic and root cause analysis through our MotorSafe Repair Process, will be bolstered by Dr. Penrose’s efforts.”

“I’m excited for the opportunities that this new partnership brings,” adds Dr. Penrose. “Focusing on Dreisilker’s efforts to lead the industry in the proper repair of electric motors, and creating a platform for the evolution of Motor Management is a key goal for Success by Design.” Penrose continues, “Integrating industry based education will be an important element of this effort. The development of Motor Diagnostic classes, technical training in motor repair and forensic analysis methodologies, and the awareness of the effects of improper motor repair will be blended into our mutual efforts.” Dreisilker adds, “It’s our goal to raise the industry’s overall focus on how proper Motor Repair can serve to increase reliability, increase uptime and ultimately save energy.”

Dr. Penrose will continue to advance standards in electrical apparatus repair as well as overall electric motor reliability and diagnostics throughout the various industries he serves. This will include continued participation in IEEE, SMRP and other organizations.

About Dreisilker Electric Motors

Dreisilker is a leading provider of commercial and industrial motors, drives, controls, repair services and field based electric motor expertise serving a wide range of industries. Key industry segments include: machine tool, manufacturing, printing, property management, utilities, municipalities, water reclamation, heating-ventilation-air-conditioning, and material processors. Founded in 1955, the company specializes in non-burnout motor rewind, field service and motor repair and reliability-based solutions for rotating machine assets. The corporate headquarters is located in Glen Ellyn, Illinois and is supported by auxiliary repair facilities in McHenry, IL and Carrollton, GA as well as five branch locations in the greater Chicago area, with two additional locations near Atlanta, GA.

About Success by Design and Howard Penrose

SUCCESS by DESIGN Consulting has been in business since 2004 focusing on Reliability and Maintenance programs, electric motor systems and energy, industrial assessments, motor management and specifications, physical asset management, machine diagnostics and related topics including training. Additional specialties include wind generator reliability and hybrid vehicle machine and insulation system design.

Dr Penrose is the President of SUCCESS by DESIGN, the Webmaster and Social Media Specialist for the IEEE Dielectric and Electrical Insulation Society (DEIS), and the Secretary for the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP).

Dr. Penrose was an adjunct professor of engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago from 1997-1999 and a Senior Research Engineer at the UIC Energy Resources Center. He is a past Chair of the Chicago Section IEEE, past Vice Chair of the Connecticut Section IEEE and has held numerous other elected and appointed positions within IEEE as well as membership in the Vibration Institute, SMRP, International Maintenance Institute and MENSA. His research in reliability, maintenance, time to failure estimation, hybrid vehicles, bio-engineering, and the environment are well published in technical conferences and magazines as is his work with causes such as autism. He is a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional, NAVAIR and NAVSEA RCM specialist as well as numerous other industry certifications. Dr. Penrose received five consecutive UAW and GM People Make Quality Happen Awards from 2005 through 2009 in relation to reliability, maintenance and energy projects within General Motors. He received the 2008 Axiom Business Book Award for “Physical Asset Management for the Executive: Caution - Do Not Read this on an Airplane,” and 2008 Foreword Book of the Year for “Electrical Motor Diagnostics: 2nd Edition.” Dr. Penrose received his bachelor of science in general engineering from Kennedy-Western University in 1996, his masters of science from Kennedy-Western University in 1998, and his doctorate from Kennedy-Western University in 2000.

His career has focused on motor systems from power generation to application including participation in the development of US Department of Energy Motor Challenge and later commercial/industrial programs.