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Dual Action Threadlocker Lubricates and Prevents Loosening Of Large Fasteners

Rocky Hill, Conn. - October 1, 2009… A new high lubricity threadlocker from Henkel Corporation, Loctite 2047, is designed to ensure maximum performance of fasteners greater than 7/8-inch in diameter. This dual-function threadlocker works both as a lubricant that reduces friction and achieves proper clamp load during fastener assembly, and as an adhesive/sealant that eliminates loosening, maintains clamp load and prevents corrosion.

Loctite(R) 2047(TM) cures slowly, achieving fixture strength after 90 minutes and full cure after 24 hours to allow the assembly of multiple fasteners. On fastener assemblies where torque greater than 500 ft/lbs generates considerable heat, this slow cure profile prevents premature threadlocker cure, ensures reliable clamp load, prevents failure and simplifies disassembly.

Loctite(R) 2047(TM) lubricates during the torque process when used with pneumatic impact tools. This medium viscosity threadlocker is available in 50 ml bottles for hand application.

For more information on Loctite(R) 2047(TM) High Lubricity Threadlocker, call 1-800-LOCTITE (800-562-8483) or visit the company’s Web site at  

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