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Dynamic Vibration Sensor Easily Connects via USB to Smart Phones, Tablets and PCs

It is the first integrated and ruggedized high-resolution, broad-frequency piezoelectric vibration sensor with integrated digital output. It’s a truly plug-and-play device that works directly with smart phones, tablets and PCs making accurate vibration measurement accessible to everyone. Full specifications and a list of compatible and optimized third-party software is available at

Making vibration measurements is now as easy as recording digital audio. This simplicity offers the utility of precision piezoelectric accelerometers while acting as a high-fidelity tool for both the test and industrial markets. Users can select from a growing number of third-party vibration analysis packages on all popular portable devices or write their own applications in any programming environment that can access the audio input driver such as MathWorks MATLAB® or National Instruments LabVIEW®.

By pairing the piezoelectric USB Digital Accelerometer with a smart phone, a user no longer needs separate, cumbersome signal conditioners, power supplies or dedicated digital data acquisition. A powerful vibration analysis system has never been simpler.

A hermetically sealed precision ceramic piezoelectric single-axis sensing element expands both the measurement resolution (additional 66 dB over typical MEMS accelerometers) and useable frequency range to 8 kHz (nearly eight times typical MEMS response). The USB Digital Accelerometer packages both the piezoelectric sensing element and internal electronics in a laser welded, ground isolated, stainless steel housing. This provides durability, portability and reliability for the entire measurement channel in both factory and laboratory environments.

Broadband, dynamic calibration of a piezoelectric USB Digital Accelerometer is NIST-traceable, ensuring the precision of the integrated measurement channel. Calibration data is stored in the sensor allowing optimized software to display scaled measurements with no user involvement.

The USB Digital Accelerometer simplifies and improves general accessibility to precision vibration measurements through the ease and simplicity of the consumer USB communication world. It expands beyond traditional piezoelectric accelerometer applications opening the vibration world to laptop, tablet and smart phone vibration applications. For more information, visit

About Digiducer, Inc.
Digiducer, Inc. was formed to couple a long lineage of quality dynamic sound and vibration sensing with the simplicity of the internet era. Simplifications such as plug-and-play, audio driver connectivity and the purchasing ease of eCommerce are part of our mission. The Digiducer Team includes seasoned designers of piezoelectric sensors, digital data acquisition, and embedded systems markets, along with experts in sound and vibration application support.  Visit our website for in-depth product information and support or contact us at
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