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eMaint Opens “Experience Center” in Southwest Florida

eMaint Enterprises, a leader in computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), is pleased to announce the opening of “The Experience Center,” a fully - immersive space for customers to learn and explore its flagship product, eMaint X3 CMMS. As an innovative leader in the maintenance management software industry, eMaint is the first CMMS provider to make a hands - on interactive, learning space available to customers as a value - added service. A preview of the space in Southwest Florida was held on September 19th for select eMaint customers.

The Experience Center is an interactive learning space where customers can explore the full range of X3 CMMS capabilities in a hands - on environment with a variety of devices, and have direct access to eMaint product experts who can answer questions and offer guidance. The Experience Center is a destination that both new and existing eMaint customers can take advantage of as they plan their initial implementation, or take their use of eMaint X3 to the next level.

The space is outfitted with a range of devices – many of them mobile – to enable customers to try out various X3 features and explore how they perform and behave on devices that they may be considering for their operations. With the increasing popularity of mobile computing, eMaint recognizes that using a CMMS does not have to be restricted to desktop com puters. Equipped with tablets, smart phones, barcoding devices, desktop computers and more, the Experience Center is designed to simulate the work environments of eMaint X3 users.

eMaint customer Jason Morden from XTO Energy comments on his trip to the Experience Center: “At the Experience Center I found a mobile solution for my company that suits our environment. It’s the right balance between functionality and portability, and is able to conform with strict IT requirements. Seeing it all work together was definitely worth the trip.”

The Experience Center allows customers to:

  • Experience the software in a hands - on, test environment
  • Experience X3 on a variety of devices that best match their needs?
  • Explore new opportunities for improvement and “try them out” risk - free
  • Have a product specialist alongside them, guiding the experience and answering their questions as they explore

“The Experience Center extends far beyond eMaint’s X3 software. It will open up the doors to an unprecedented hands - on learning exp erience, providing our customers with multi - sensory tools to ensure their ultimate success in maintenance management,” eMaint CEO Brian D. Samelson said.

Access to the Experience Center, and the opportunity to work alongside eMaint product specialists is a value - added service that is available to eMaint’s managed account clients. “In most successful software implementations, particularly with a system as robust as X3 CMMS, customers implement in phases, said Hannelore Fineman, eMaint Executive Vice President. “The Experience Center provides a way to partner with our clients in a more hands - on way to ensure success during their continuous improvement process.”

eMaint’s investment in customer education and commitment to a broad array of services is a core component to its success and a key differentiator. In addition to the ground - breaking Experience Center, eMaint also hosts monthly Best Practice Webinars on Maintenance and Reliability topics, and operates a web - based e-learning and industry resource portal, eMaint University, which provides on - demand training at anytime, anywhere.

About eMaint Enterprises, LLC
eMaint, the leader in on-demand CMMS solutions, has been providing maintenance management software solutions since 1986 and was one of the first CMMS providers to develop a completely web-based “Software as a Service” (SaaS) model for more rapid implementation at a lower total cost of ownership.

eMaint’s client base consists of over 18,000 users worldwide across 2,000 sites ranging from
small & medium sized organizations to Fortune 500 corporations including manufacturers, service providers, fleet operators, energy and utility companies, health care facilities, universities, municipalities, and facility and property managers.

For more information on eMaint products and services, please visit the eMaint main site at, the EMEA site at, the UK site at, the Spanish language site at, or the Portuguese language site at

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