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Entry Level Redefined!

The measuring units are incredibly compact featuring Bluetooth® Wireless technology, an integrated rechargeable battery, and large 20mm TruePSD detectors. This means that they are easy to install on most types of machines, even where there is limited space. The wireless technology gives you full freedom of movement around the machine that is to be aligned.

Programs for alignment of both horizontal and vertical machines are included. Added to that are functions for so: foot control, thermal growth compensation and tolerance control.

The measurement system is very easy to use. Pre-mounted units make it easy to install on the machine and the programs guide you step-by-step through the process. Start with the measuring units positioned anywhere on the shaft, recording three readings with as little as 20° of rotation between readings. Then adjust the machine with the live values, and save the measurements in the display unit memory. You can also transfer the results to the database EasyLink ™ program (included) for PC.

Easy-Laser® E420 has everything an entry level system should have, and more. Simply put, Easy-Laser® sets a new standard for measuring solutions. Take the next step into wireless freedom!

To learn more about the Easy-Laser® product, please contact CascadeMVS at (281) 482-2727, or visit

Brochures and additional information can be found at:

About CascadeMVS:

CascadeMVS was organized to fill the gap between instrumentation manufacturers, machinery condition monitoring, instrumentation application, pracDcal knowledge and total support in the matters of machinery vibration, alignment, dynamic balancing, and acoustic. They are incorporating all of these elements for world wide access on a 24/7 basis. Their premier group of consultants will solve all your problems from inception to the finished products and/or services.

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