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Equipment Operators Are Making Substantial Savings on Production Costs


SHEFFIELD, England -- Equipment operators across the globe are enjoying substantial savings in production costs by installing Tan Delta’s condition monitoring systems. By replacing traditional methods of sending oil samples to laboratories to determine the condition the oil in their vital equipment with Tan Delta’s systems, they reaping the benefits of reduced costs in both the long and short term.

At the heart of each one of Tan Delta’s condition monitoring systems is the oil quality sensor (OQSx) where the patented technology precisely monitors the quality of virtually any oil in real time, delivering exceptional sensitivity to changes caused by wear and contaminants allowing operators to reduce down time and increase service intervals without risking equipment failure. Typical payback on the systems are as low as 6 months.

Chris Greenwood, Tan Delta CEO said: “As the OQSx is so small and easy to install on any equipment and is configurable to any oil type we believe our technology is an extremely powerful and valuable operational tool and will enable our customers to generate more profit whilst delivering an improved service.”

About Tan Delta Systems Limited:

Tan Delta develops and provides the world’s most advanced and reliable oil condition monitoring technologies, products and systems. Our solutions are easy to deploy in any industrial or commercial application and deliver significant reductions in operating costs whilst simultaneously improving reliability and thus productivity.

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