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eRPortal Launches Apple Mobile Application

eRPortal Software Group announces the launch of their Mobile Workforce Module on the Apple iOS platform.

“We’re excited that we now can deliver our mobile functionality on the Apple iOS platform,” says Ed Garibian, president of eRPortal Software Group. “We’ve gone through the process of getting our mobile workforce product in the iTunes store. It includes a rich feature set that can run on Apple devices whether users are connected to a network or not.”

The eRPortal Mobile Workforce Module is part of the company’s family of maintenance management, materials management, and asset management software products and SaaS applications.

Using an iPad or iPhone, maintenance personnel in the field or on the plant floor can use the software to create and complete work orders, scan or bring up an asset, look at open work orders, verify asset status levels, and even create new assets.

“Giving users the flexibility they need is the key. Using our mobile workforce module, if a technician is working on a piece of equipment or asset in a remote area or geography, they have a ton of functionality at their fingertips to ensure they maximize their productivity while in the field,” says Garibian.

The maintenance management software experts at eRPortal took what they developed for the Windows mobile platform and ported it over to the Apple mobile iOS platform. The company has had Windows mobile functionality for a few years and continues to support those devices as well. For more information, please visit:

About eRPortal Software Group
The eRPortal Software Group provides high performance, web-enabled, Enterprise Asset Management, Maintenance Management, and Materials Tracking software solutions for managing strategic assets and operations. Our success is built on our proven experience and our ability to understand and respond to the broad range of challenges that our customers face. We deploy technology that maximizes operations efficiencies and asset utilization levels. Our customers succeed because eRPortal software is architected for flexibility, interoperability, and user interface adaptability.
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