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eSSETS Enhances EAM and Facility Management Software with New Request and Resource Scheduling

Cloud-based facility management software provider releases new functions for tracking work completion targets and scheduling resources to meet those targets

Springfield, MO -- July 20, 2016

eSSETS (, an innovative developer of web-based software serving facility managers and physical asset portfolio managers has released enhancements to help its customers reach service performance objectives. Employees of organizations being served can now submit requests through eSSETS’ WebQ or SmartQ web portals clearly delineating target completion dates and times. Managers and dispatchers processing these requests through eSSETS’ ToDoQ dispatch management function can review existing schedules of internal technical staff and/or outside contractors, schedule these resources on new jobs, and provide feedback to the service requester on the feasibility of meeting the requested target times.

“It’s all about structured, effective communications between the facility services provider and those they serve,” according to eSSETS CEO Paul Roberts. “Employees of organizations need their facilities and supporting equipment to be working and safe in order to do their jobs. The facility manager’s job is to respond to issues and requests as expeditiously as possible, while at the same time managing the expectations of those making requests. The new scheduling enhancements in our enterprise asset management software helps facilitate tracking and managing both work and expectations,” said Roberts.

Other enhancements in version 7.4 make it easier to find resources for different facility needs. Dispatchers and facility managers can search for contractors using keywords, such as plumbing, electrical, HVAC, etc., and submit requests for services to the selected contractor electronically. Contractors can respond to assignments electronically as well, and even attach their invoice and other supporting documentation to the job. The entire engagement, from request to job completion, can be paperless.

“Systematic and structured information exchanges between people with facility related needs, and those fulfilling those needs with technical services, can reduce ambiguity, reduce stress for all concerned, and ultimately improve performance,” notes Roberts. “Our mission at eSSETS is to provide easy to use, easy to access tools that provide such structured processes helping facility managers to be heroes within their organizations.” The enhancements in version 7.4 continue this march of ever improving cloud-based software tools for facility management, maintenance management, and overall enterprise asset management.

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About eSSETS (
eSSETS provides cloud-based facilities management software that helps organizations track and manage assets from the convenience of web browsers and mobile devices. The EAM software combines asset information with tools for inspections, preventative maintenance scheduling, service requests, warranty tracking and much more. eSSETS leverages the power and convenience of the Internet to deliver maximum functions in minimum time.

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