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Expect More: Oil Condition Monitoring with SVM 3001 Stabinger Viscometer

The SVM 3001 is characterized by very fast measurement: with the ultra-fast measurement of SVM 3001, multiple parameters including temperature regulation are obtained in 1 to 2 minutes


A minimum sample amount of only 1.5 ml is sufficient for the multi-parameter results including viscosity index.

As the density cell of SVM 3001 is integrated, the density measurement does not need to be carried out separately. One combined measuring cell covers the entire measuring range for viscosity, density and temperature and is filled in one go. Due to its measuring principle, the measurement duration is independent of the sample’s viscosity.

Peltier elements allow for unparalleled heating rates of up to 20°C per minute. As the heating is electrical, no thermal transfer liquids are needed. By using the special VI method, temperature changes are performed automatically and the viscosity index is calculated in compliance with ASTM D2270.

SVM 3001 is characterized by unbeatable ease of operation - injecting of the sample by syringe ensures easy, safe and fast handling as well as simple cleaning with minimized risk of leakage or breakage, but also low sample and solvent consumption. Multiple parameters are shown on the new 10x4” touch screen. Intuitive display widget shows measurement precision and repeat deviation for both viscosity and density at a glance.

FillingCheck allows for monitoring of the filling quality in real time. This feature saves valuable operating time by bubble detection already during the measurement.

Productivity is maximized by connecting SVM 3001 to an Anton Paar’s sample changer. The automation option ideally serves all applications where high throughput is required.

With the state of the art user management, including an audit trail option for a full traceability of measurements, accounts for all users can be created. The storage capacity amounts to one thousand data points. Data export can be conveniently performed via USB storage device, printer or Ethernet.

The new SVM 3001 is designed for testing of lubricating oils, base oils and additives but also grease and wax in compliance with ASTM D7042 and D4052, EN ISO 12185, DIN 51659-2. 

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