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Failure Analysis… Reworking Rocket Regs for 100 percent reliability

The Office of Commercial Space transportation (AST) is charged with public safety and has a perfect safety record in its many years of licensing commercial rocket launches. It is hoped that the federal regulation update by Failure Analysis will encourage all rocket builders to measure rocket reliability to produce 100 percent reliable equipment, increasing future commercial manned rocket safety to be comparable with the safety when traveling by commercial aircraft. Commercial aircraft safety for commercial rockets will enable public interest in space tourism industry to spread outside the wealthy, high-risk thrill seekers who book flights on unregulated Russian rockets.

“The ‘learning curve’ that every rocket: expendable, reusable and man-rated has experienced is unacceptable in the commercial space tourism industry and prognostic technology will eliminate them, resulting in 100 percent reliability paradigm from the first launch” says Dr. Len Losik, President and Chief Technical Officer of Failure Analysis. Failure Analysis is the only company with a history of identifying satellite and rocket equipment with accelerated aging in satellite and rocket equipment performance test data. This equipment is then replaced before launch. Rocket reliability is dominated by infant mortality failures and by replacing equipment with accelerated aging, eliminating infant mortality failures, rocket companies can produce 100% reliable rockets. Failure Analysis claims that all rocket failures that occur outside development programs occur because only equipment performance is measured during factory test and there is no relationship between equipment performance and equipment reliability.

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