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Field Squared Announces Asset Management Module & General Availability of Mobile Workforce Platf

Field Squared, creator of the modular, cloud-based platform for field operations management, today announced the release of its new asset management module and the general availability of its platform on Windows devices.

Field Squared’s asset management, tracking and maintenance module allows enterprises to manage, update, maintain and share information about aerial and underground assets on any mobile device.

  • Field technicians capture detailed information against assets in the field using digitized forms of their own design or industry standard forms.
  • Asset data flows in a two-way workflow between back-office systems and mobile devices in the field.
  • Asset data syncs and updates back-office systems like Oracle and SQL Server databases.
  • Work orders are scheduled and completed against assets.
  • Asset history is stored and maintenance schedules can be setup for field crews.

With the addition of Windows, the Field Squared mobility apps are now available on all types of mobile devices including iOS, Android and Windows. Field Squared’s Mobile Workforce Platform is broadly available to enterprise and mid-sized companies.

About Field Squared
Field Squared is a Denver-based company providing a SaaS, cloud-based mobile workforce management platform that operates on iOS, Android and Windows. Our mobile apps for field operations are configurable for the specific requirements of Utilities, Oil & Gas, and Cable/Telco. Connect field operations to your backend systems allowing full access to your front-end data and analytics on a real-time basis. To learn more, visit
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