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FilesThruTheAir™ launches XL range of WiFi data logging sensors

FilesThruTheAirTM WiFi sensors run on fully rechargeable battery power and already offer up to 6 months battery life per charge. However, for many applications, where the sensors are situated in difficult to reach locations for example, extra battery life can be extremely useful.

XL versions of many of the most popular FilesThruTheAirTM Wifi sensor range are available immediately.

Tim Waterman, Technical Director at FilesThruTheAirTM said: “We are always looking to enhance the capabilities of our temperature and humidity data loggers and for a number of our users battery life is one of the most critical factors. With our new XL range we are responding to that demand and ensuring that our data loggers can be used in an even wider range of applications.”

FilesThruTheAirTMWiFi sensors accurately measure temperature and humidity, remotely, making them suitable for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. The sensors can be used in medical and pharmaceutical environments, logistics and storage, food and drink, site management, farming and horticulture and within the retail industry. The data captured by the devices is automatically uploaded to the FilesThruTheAirTM Cloud where the data can be accessed and analysed from any internet-enabled device.

Please contact the FilesThruTheAirTM team at +44 1425 651111 or visit for further information.

About FilesThruTheAirTM

FilesThruTheAirTM is a trademark of Corintech Ltd who develop and manufacture environmental monitoring devices, offering PC or Cloud-based data logging systems incorporating its FilesThruTheAirTM WiFi sensors. They are used in commercial, research and industrial applications. The company also offers a complete contract electronics design and manufacturing service combining mechanical, electronic and software design with prototyping, and full product manufacture and test.

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