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Flatness and Leveling Measuring System with Automatic Rotating Laser

The surface profile of the measured component is displayed with full color 3-D graphics for better evaluation of the results. Powerful features such as InfiniSplice TM , allow for the merging of measurement files and the freedom of repositioning the rotating laser to another location during measurement to overcome obstructions to line-of-sight and measure complex-shaped surfaces.

Surface flatness measurement using LEVALIGN is simple and straightforward -only a single operator is needed to measure large vertical and horizontal surfaces.

LEVALIGN EXPERT is ideal for maintenance departments, field service crews, contractors and OEMs.

Some industrial applications:

  • Flatness and parallelism of wind tower segment flanges
  • Leveling of machine foundations
  • Parallelism of rails
  • Flatness and straightness measurement in ship building
  • Leveling of reference surfaces and bases
  • Circular and rectangular surface profiles

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