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Fluorescent Dyes Pinpoint All Water Leaks

They also are extremely effective in locating leaks in piping, valves, condensers, sprinkler system pumps, seams, welds and fittings.

With this leak detection method, you simply add a small amount of Spectroline
WD-801, WD-802 or WD-803 fluorescent dye into a system and allow it to circulate. Wherever the water escapes, so does the dye, which remains at the site of all leaks. When the system is scanned with a high-intensity ultraviolet lamp, the dye glows brightly to pinpoint the precise location of every leak.

WD-801 dye makes leak sites fluoresce blue, WD-802 dye reveals leaks with a bright green color and WD-803 dye pinpoints them with blue-green. The recommended dilution ratio is one pint of dye for every 1,000 gallons of water. These dyes enable inspectors to detect leaks in seams, welds, seals and fittings of equipment before it is put into service.

WD-801, WD-802 and WD-803 dyes are also ideal for preventive maintenance programs because they remain safely in the system and will expose new leaks whenever the system is inspected with the lamp. Dyes are available in one-pint containers, as well as 1-, 5- and 55-gallon drums.

For more information about WD-801, WD-802 and WD-830 water dyes, call toll-free 1-800-274-8888. Outside the United States and Canada, call 516-333-4840.

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