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Food Quality Checks on the Move

Quality checks ensure the correct product is being packaged and meets the quality standards demanded by food retailers. The new software allows quality checks to be undertaken on a mobile device as opposed to using an existing OAL Autocoding panel on the factory floor or via paper checks.

Paperless Quality Checks

When OAL first developed autocoding in 2001 they always had the vision of using software to create the paperless food factory. The main advantage of going paperless is that it offers full traceability within a food factory for both internal and retailer audit teams. OAL’s standard autocoding offering makes this possible but the addition of mobile quality checks is a big step towards making the paperless factory a reality.

The handheld device can now be used whilst roaming the factory to conduct quality checks triggered on a time or volume basis. A big improvement because checks can be done where the machine or product is located as opposed to a designated station in the factory, improving compliance.

Good Manufacturing Practice

Often quality and maintenance teams will use digital cameras to take photos of problems identified on the line. The inbuilt camera on the device can now be used to take photos, integrating with existing systems to better identify and show specific problem areas to speed up fixes and ensure good manufacturing practices. Furthermore location based pictures can be used by health and safety audits, retailer audits and maintenance to make improvements.

Bluetooth Beacons

OAL are actively developing location based features, such that checks can be triggered when a person enters an area or moves close to a machine. The use of Bluetooth beacons enables actions to be triggered when users are correctly positioned next to a piece of machinery or part of the line which will further improve compliance. Beacons will also be able to send information to the device, for example maintenance assistance and instructions to the device when a piece of machinery is down.
If you are interested in the development or adding mobile quality checks to your Autocoding system please contact OAL Group here.

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