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Foxy Produce Selects AssetOptics for Compliance and Workflow Management Features

“Our mechanical integrity program undergoes review by inspectors from the federal and state Occupational Safety and Health Administrations, the federal Department of Transportation, and the federal and state Environmental Protection Agencies,” said Foxy Produce Director of Engineering and Maintenance Scott Goad. “Prior to implementing the solution, we had no official way of documenting our maintenance activities. In addition, the Preventive Maintenance functionality helps us remember when it is time to perform maintenance that occurs at varied intervals.”

Like many companies whose products or services are not technology-centric, Foxy Produce had previously relied on a paper-based system that made regulatory compliance both cumbersome and inexact. With AssetOptics, reports the firm’s Information Systems and Technology Director Peter Townsend, Foxy Produce has implemented a “right-sized” solution that met the company’s workflow requirements without being overly complex to deploy.

“We have a lot of equipment at each location that is mission critical to our operation,” Townsend said. “AssetOptics made it possible for us to develop a workflow system that met our compliance goals, enriched our maintenance management and reporting, and streamlined work for our field technicians through the use of mobile devices.”

With its robust, built-in reporting options, work order automation and tracking, and labor and parts scheduling and reminders, AssetOptics is built from the ground up to help companies achieve regulatory compliance. As a native application, it provides the reliability, flexibility and scalability of one of the world’s most secure cloud platforms.

“Government regulations and related compliance requirements grow more rigorous every year, and the penalties for failure to achieve them can be devastating,” said AssetOptics Founder Mike Edwards. “Data analysis and reporting for compliance and auditing is a core component of AssetOptics. Helping companies like Foxy Produce meet their obligations is one of our platform’s greatest strengths.”

About Foxy Produce

Foxy Produce is the produce brand of the family-owned Nunes Company, Inc., pioneers in progressive farming methods that have generations of hands-on commitment to grow and deliver produce of exceptional quality. Company founders Bob and Tom Nunes developed the Foxy brand and increased farm acreage to send quality, organic and conventional produce throughout the United States and to the rest of the world. Today, Nunes family members farm and represent farmer-partners to provide an array of products grown on fields totaling more than 18,000 crop acres in California, Arizona and Nevada. For more information, visit

About AssetOptics

AssetOptics is a privately held company with deep domain expertise in enterprise asset management. AssetOptics Facilities, Equipment and Fleet Maintenance for Salesforce is a native application, benefiting from the reliability, scalability and performance of‘s trusted enterprise cloud computing platform. For more information, visit

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