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Free Leatherman Tool With Infrared Camera Rental During Upcoming Outage Season

AIT has recently beefed up their rental inventory to include the new PilitTM industrial push camera to their existing pipe inspection camera inventory. AIT also has a wide variety of borescope rental equipment available to cover a wide range of applications that industrial customers will face during plant outages. AIT has borescope rental equipment to inspect applications as small as 2.4 mm in diameter and as long as 200 feet.

AIT does not charge customers rental fees while the borescope equipment is in transit

Typically during a planned outage plant engineers will need to remotely inspect gas turbines, boilers, headers, Steam feed lines, floor drains, ducts, process lines, pipelines, pumps, gearboxes, compressors, heat exchangers, valves and a variety of plant equipment to check for pitting, cracking, corrosion, erosion, weld and other defects, thus minimizing downtime and optimizing planned maintenance.AIT offers a broad range of borescope rental pipe inspection and infrared camera rental equipment for most industrial applications.

“AIT does not charge customers rental fees while the borescope equipment is in transit,” according to Paul Fitzgerald, President and CEO of Advanced Inspection Technologies. This makes AIT’s customers borescope rental experience as affordable as possible.

AIT’s borescope rental equipment is available 24 hours / 7 days a week. Renting borescopes, pipe cameras and infrared cameras free up plant budget dollars for other capital purchases and ensure that engineers will always have inspection rental equipment that is excellent condition. Even more important, renting borescopes ensures that the most appropriate inspection tool is available for each application.

About Advanced Inspection Technologies:

Headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, AIT is the industry leader in the sales and rental of remote visual inspection and and infrared camera equipment. AIT provides unparalleled 24x7 borescope and infrared camera rentals, as well as, foreign object search and retrieval toolsAIT’s rental services and products enable companies to inspect machinery, facilities and infrastructure in the safest, quickest and most affordable manner possible. AIT has helped to improve the inspection process in all industries such as aviation, electric power generation, petrochemical, manufacturing, process, infrastructure and predictive maintenance.

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