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General Pipe Cleaners simplifies locating with the introduction of its new Gen-Eye Hot Spot™ pipe locator.

The Gen-Eye Hot Spot locator makes locating easier with an intuitive directional mapping and guidance system that simplifies locating of pipe inspection cameras, sondes, active power lines and buried utilities.

The locator’s total field antenna array allows users to locate from any direction, and the easy-to-read, high-contrast backlit LCD display provides graphic icons that lead users directly to the target. These graphic icons include on-screen arrows that point users in the right direction; a null-point icon of four arrows pointing back towards each other to indicate the null point; a line-direction compass icon that guides users to rotate the locator in the direction of the lay of the pipe; a diamond icon to indicate the camera location and a utility icon that indicates buried utilities or active power lines.

Automatic depth readings appear on the screen when the locator is directly above the camera or sonde, confirming the location. The locator’s easy-to-interpret directional guidance symbols combined with a simple menu-based interface ensures that there is no need to interpret complicated or confusing numbers and bar graphs.

With expanded frequency capabilities for flexibility, the Gen-Eye Hot Spot locates two sonde frequencies [512 Hz and 33 KHz]; two active power line frequencies [60/50 Hz and 180/150 Hz] and four line utility frequencies [1 KHz, 8 KHz, 33 KHz and 65 KHz]. The locator’s depth range is up to 10 feet in cast iron pipe and 20 feet in clay or plastic pipe. 

“The Gen-Eye Hot Spot locator makes locating so easy, whether you are a first-time user or a seasoned locating professional, users are able to quickly locate with it,” said Marty Silverman, vice president of marketing, General Pipe Cleaners. “We specifically designed the Gen-Eye Hot Spot to take the confusion out of locating. In addition to being the easiest locator General Pipe Cleaners has developed, the Gen-Eye Hot Spot locator is the most durable on the market, with the ratings to prove it.”

The industry’s most rugged, IP65-rated, Gen-Eye Hot Spot locator is dirt and dust proof, and water resistant. It passed a 1-meter drop test,  and its screen passed an 18-inch steel ball drop test. The locator also offers superior battery life with a 30-hour maximum, which is more than twice the battery life of other comparable locators on the market.

Weighing only 4.8 pounds, the U.S.-manufactured Gen-Eye Hot Spot locator is compact and portable for ease of use on the jobsite. A USB port enables software upgrades and screen captures in the field. For more information on the Gen-Eye Hot Spot locator, visit

General Pipe Cleaners is a leading manufacturer of high-quality drain cleaning equipment manufactured in the U.S. since 1930. General serves drain-cleaning professionals and plumbing contractors, as well as facilities managers, the rental industry and the hardware/home center market. The Toughest Tools Down The Line.

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