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GPAllied Announces Strategic Hire: Tim Weilbaker

Mr. Weilbaker brings nearly 25 years of experience in implementing management solutions. For almost 20 years he worked in the automotive industry in various roles from engineering to supply chain to operations and strategy management. Most recently, he developed a results based management system model that utilizes a unique integration of leadership development and performance measurement. This methodology (also called Process Thinking) drives improved efficiency and increased profitability through all levels of client organizations.

Mr. Weilbaker holds degrees in mechanical and industrial engineering, an MBA, and is finishing his PhD in technology and management. Additionally, he holds certifications in manufacturing engineering, engineering management, enterprise integration, six sigma and leadership psychology. He also has over 7 years experience as an adjunct university professor.

“GPAllied believes that excellence can only be achieved by relentless pursuing the integration of People, Process, and Technology.  The addition of Tim to our Leadership TEAM and integrating the Process Thinking methodology into our existing methods and processes is a logical next step in that relentless pursuit”, said John Schultz, founding partner.

Mr. Weilbaker will join with the rest of the GPAllied workforce to bring inspired solutions, reliable results, and global reach to clients looking to do more than survive during these tremendously tough economic times.  The capabilities of this joint venture are designed to support manufacturers looking to reduce production costs and achieve increased ROI by utilizing optimized processes and reliability.

About GPAllied

GPAllied is a strategic alliance with General Physics Corporation, a global performance improvement solutions provider of sales and technical training, e-Learning solutions, management consulting and engineering services, and Allied Reliability, Inc., a global engineering firm specializing in predictive maintenance and reliability engineering.

GPAllied provides the most diverse reliability and operations consulting and services globally available today.  With offices in the Americas, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, GPAllied has extensive experience in the specialty fields of Lean, Reliability Engineering, Six Sigma, Condition Monitoring, Change Management, Maintenance Planning and Scheduling, Workforce Development and Maintenance Craft Skills training. GPAllied serves clients in asset-intensive industries, like petrochemical, mining, energy, manufacturing, food and beverage, and life sciences to name a few. GPAllied brings together unique capabilities and synergistic strengths of two thought leaders and allows for global implementation never before realized by the industry.  The result is the joining of People, Processes and Technologies in one total package never before realized - now available to the global marketplace. Additional information may be found at

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