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GPAllied Partners with University of Tennessee

As part of an ongoing effort to improve maintenance and reliability training options available to the general public, GPAllied is working closely with the University of Tennessee to bring many new options for curriculum to the student.

“At GPAllied, our goal is to put the focus on return on investment for education, and by that we mean a return on investment for the company and the individual student. This certificate increases the value of the training experience for both parties,” said Shon Isenhour, Director of Education for GPAllied.

Both GPAllied and the University of Tennessee recognize the difficulties that manufacturing and industrial sectors are having with regard to their skilled workforce. What is now being referred to as the ‘Manufacturing Skills Crisis’ is the perfect storm created by a mass exodus of retirees with little to no skills transfer. Taking on the responsibility of training and re-training of our workforce is crucial to the success of American manufacturing and industry as a whole.

“Although a focus on training is making a comeback, leadership is still constrained by depressed markets and rising operating costs. Every dollar invested in training must generate an immediate return for the business,” said Darrin Wikoff, Senior Technical Advisor for GPAllied.

“GPAllied understands the importance of integrating practical application and understanding into the classroom, creating actionable learning that can be immediately applied. This has been repeatedly demonstrated by my personal observation and feedback from companies in various UT-RMC training events,” said Dr. Klaus Blache, University of Tennessee - Reliability & Maintainability Center Director and Research Professor - College of Engineering.

Together, GPAllied and the University of Tennessee Reliability & Maintainability Center strive to create more application, value, and results from maintenance and reliability training and look forward to helping to provide the skills necessary to positively impact the corporate bottom line.

“The combined skills and knowledge of the R&M Center, UT, and GPAllied is a partnership focused on developing competitive advantage and putting in place enablers for long term success,” says Dr. Klaus Blache of the future of the program.

About GPAllied

GPAllied is the most diverse manufacturing and industrial reliability and operations consulting, training, and services company in the world. GPAllied offers over 200 standard training courses that can be easily customized to your equipment and processes. GPAllied offers training both on-site at your facilities and periodically around the world on an open-enrollment basis. GPAllied educational offerings incorporate direct application of the knowledge gained to ensure both retention and results. For more information, please visit and

About The Reliability and Maintainability Center

The Reliability and Maintainability Center (RMC) is an industry-supported center within the College of Engineering at the University of Tennessee, drawing support from a diverse range of companies, organizations and industries. The RMC bridges between industry and academia to provide education, research & development, and information exchange in the application of reliability and maintenance engineering tools and concepts. For more information, please visit:  

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