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Graphic Products expands Compliance Assessment Services

Electrical services

When you can’t do it alone, trust the experts at Graphic Products. The company now offers Electrical Services as part of its comprehensive safety auditing program, Compliance Assessment Services. The service provides a boots-on-the-ground mentality, working closely with facilities to analyze electrical safety programs from the bottom up, providing individualized consultation, training, and reports.

“When you’re overwhelmed with the complexities of an industrial electrical system, it’s time to call in the cavalry,” said Jeff Woods, safety auditor with Graphic Products. “The experts with Graphic Products’ Compliance Assessment Services will work with you to find out exactly what your facility needs, and provide real-world advice, analysis, and training to get the job done right.”

Graphic Products will offer four categories of electrical safety services including:

  • Arc Flash Study - Examines your electrical system for potential risks, and confirms or updates one-line diagrams. Measures your entire electrical system with a complete, big-picture study.
  • Electrical Safety Training - A series of seminars for both experts and beginners which addresses electrical skills, worker audits, best practices, lockout/tagout, maintaining arc flash studies, management/supervisor duties, and more, as selected to fit your facility’s needs. 
  • Electrical Safety Gap Analysis - Provides a detailed summary of current conditions, general PPE requirements, and improvement opportunities. This first-look examination provides an overview of your electrical system and lets you know where to focus future hazard-reduction efforts. 
  • Electrical Safety Audit - Examines the effectiveness of a facility’s existing arc flash study, safety training program, and internal auditing and documentation programs. Outside experts can spot the problems in a facility safety program, and can provide confidence in the systems you use.

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About Graphic Products
Graphic Products is an innovative leader, providing solutions for safety and visual communication since 1970. The company’s full line of safety products, services, and DuraLabel line of industrial label printers are designed for the modern workforce. Graphic Products leads the industry with safety training materials, educational resources, and up-to-date news and compliance information on topics like arc flash, chemical labeling, and pipe marking.

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