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Guardian Compliance Brings Intrinsically Safe IR Camera to Petroleum Refining

Houston, TX (PRWEB)—Through this agreement, Guardian continues to expand their commercial and technical support to the petroleum refining and petrochemical sector in North America by introducing the first certified intrinsically safe IR camera, the EYE-C-GASTM Infrared Camera (UL 1604).

Recognizing the significant environmental compliance, safety and product management advantages of IR surveys, Guardian is working to create industry-wide access to this new, enhanced IR imaging platform. Speaking about the importance of the Opgal relationship, Steve Saboe, President of Guardian Compliance said, “The EYE-C-GASTM IR Camera will be a valuable tool in the hands of our employees and industry colleagues. This strategic partnership with Opgal, a global leader in this technology, demonstrates our continued investment in and commitment to environmental compliance leadership.”

The EYE-C-GASTM is the first fugitive emissions detection camera specifically designed to enhance environmental compliance, improve plant safety and identify product loss in the petroleum refining, petrochemical and natural gas industries. The camera’s design, certification and operating process provide features that are superior to existing IR leak detection camera options. The camera is certified intrinsically safe for operation in hazardous facility units. Improved sensitivity over existing IR imaging makes it possible for the EYE-C-GasTM camera to effectively and efficiently survey broad areas in a facility and to detect smaller volatile organic compound (VOC) gas leaks and fugitive emissions.

Guardian Compliance is the largest, privately owned LDAR, monitoring and compliance services provider in North America with nearly 500 employees working in more than 100 petroleum refining and petrochemical facilities. OPGAL Optronics Industries is a leading global manufacturer of innovative thermal imaging safety systems and infrared cameras.

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