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Hansford Sensors Launches Vibration Monitoring Packages for Cooling Towers

The three packages, available for both offline and online use, feature Hansford Sensors’ latest accelerometer technology, providing an extremely reliable method of measuring vibration in cooling tower fans, pumps, motors and gearboxes.

The offline version of the packages, for use with local data collectors, includes five waterproof HS-100 top or side entry accelerometers, an optional junction enclosure, twisted pair cables and switch enclosure; the two enclosures can be supplied in a choice of polycarbonate, stainless or mild steel.

Also available from Hansford Sensors are two online versions, both including junction boxes and twisted pair cables as standard. In addition, package one is supplied with five waterproof HS-420 sensors, an HS570 power supply unit, HS-580 enclosure and five HS-510 modules; the latter are used to condition the accelerometer signals to provide bearing condition or velocity output. Package 2 includes five waterproof HS-100 sensors, HS-580 enclosure, five HS-535 modules and five optional HS-510 modules.

“Engineers working on cooling towers face a variety of challenges, and are under considerable pressure to maintain uptime and productivity,” said Chris Hansford, Managing Director of Hansford Sensors. “These latest vibration monitoring packages bring peace of mind to operators and ensure that unexpected downtime is kept to a minimum and productivity isn’t compromised by preventable machine failure.”

To learn more about the latest cooling tower vibration monitoring packages from Hansford Sensors, please click here