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Tokyo, Japan & Oakland NJ, USA - The Avio Model H2640 (Mikron Infrared Model M7640) measures visual and thermal images simultaneously and displays the fusion image for easy identification of thermal spots and more.

This is a fully Radiometric Thermal Imager with High Resolution 640 x 480 Detector that is easy-to-use, provides superior performance with an articulating 5.6 inch LCD. It provides four times the resolution of regular detectors.

Basic performance

* Resolution: 0.06°C or better (at 30 °C, 30Hz), 0.03 °C or better (at 30 °C)
* Accuracy: ±2%(of reading) or ±2 °C
* Environmental protection: IP54
* I.F.O.V.: 0.6mrad
High resolution 640 x 480-pixel detector

* Image resolution is four times higher than 320 x 240 detector.
* Users can achieve quick measurement of wider area with high resolution.

Software Options (USA):
A free downloader/converter, and the basic MikroView Software is included with the M7640 camera. MikroView allows the user to perform basic functions like: image’s palette change, temperature scale adjustment, individual pixel temperatures viewing, recorded sound clip playback, image format translation, image export to .bmp and .jpg format, and image copying to the clipboard for insertion in common programs like MS Word.

MikroSpecTM Software is available from Mikron Infrared at an extra cost for advanced image analysis and report image generation, and works with all Mikron cameras. It offers more sophisticated features like 3-D profile graphs, filtering, custom user palettes, and gives the user more control over report images and labels. Heat Quantity Calculation and Physical Distance Calculation utilities are distributed with MikroSpec.

For details and full specifications visit: and/or:

NEC Avio Infrared Technologies Co., Ltd. made a new start on April 1, 2008 by combining the infrared business of Nippon Avionics Co., Ltd. and NEC San-ei, a group company of Nippon Avionics.

The infrared market is expected to make a drastic expansion due to the expectation for increased applications and increased solutions based on the improvement of infrared sensor technology.

NEC Avio Infrared Technologies Co., Ltd.
Gotanda Kowa Bldg.,
1-5, Nishi-Gotanda 8-chome,
Tokyo 141-8535 Japan


Mikron Infrared has been an innovative leader in the field of infrared non-contact temperature measurement since 1969. Today, the company provides industry and research with a broad range of instruments with that provide exceptional accuracy and capability - from lightweight, convenient, portable units to process and laboratory instruments, to sophisticated, computer-compatible thermal imaging systems. In 2007, Mikron Infrared was acquired by LumaSense Technologies, Inc. With offices around the world, LumaSense Technologies develops products and technologies using the properties of infrared light and sound to measure temperature and gas analysis.

Mikron Infrared, Inc.
Sales - Support - Engineering - Manufacturing
16 Thornton Road
Oakland, New Jersey 07436 USA

Tel: +1 201-405-0900
Fax: +1 201-405-0090

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