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IFS launches a new solution for reliability-centered maintenance (RCM)

The IFS RCM Toolkit delivers maximum operational availability with safe but optimal levels of maintenance. It is targeted at any industry that implements complex or capital-intensive assets or is reliant on correctly functioning assets to provide an output. Typically, these will be complex, safety-critical assets. The solution is ideally suited for organizations in which maintenance is challenged by complex environmental factors.

The IFS RCM Toolkit:

  • Delivers core RCM process support capability using the latest presentation technology and conforms to SAE standard JA1011.
  • Provides a defensible, methodical, and scientific approach to the establishment of safe optimum levels of maintenance.
  • Supports the establishment of capital maintenance regimes, strategies and plans.
  • Delivers improved cost effectiveness, equipment uptime, and a greater understanding of risk.
  • Ensures that safety, environmental, and operational failures are minimized, reduces over-maintenance and focuses scarce economic resources on those items that would cause the most disruption if they were to fail.

“The IFS RCM Toolkit is based on IFS’s long experience in asset-intensive industries enabling our customers to secure asset safety, cost effectiveness, and uptime,” IFS CTO Dan Matthews said. “The RCM Toolkit is available with the IFS Cloud in line with our strategy to enable customers to extend the capabilities of IFS Applications with applications in the cloud.”

“Nucor is North America’s largest recycler and our steel making facilities have very asset-intensive business models,” said Tommy Massey, Maintenance Manager at Nucor Jewett Facility. “Nucor has utilized IFS as a partner in several divisions now dating back eight years. We are very confident in IFS’s demonstrated commitment and ability to help our teams be successful in this journey and now see the addition of the RCM Toolkit as a technology to help us execute our strategy. We plan to utilize the RCM Toolkit to improve our preventative and predictive maintenance practices and procedures.”

”We are pleased that IFS has chosen to base the applications in IFS Cloud on Windows Azure,” said Kim Akers, General Manager within the Global ISV Group at Microsoft Corp. “The RCM Toolkit is a great example of how the Platform-as-a-Service capabilities of Windows Azure can be used to build cloud-based applications that are scalable and highly-available.”

For more information or a free trial of the IFS RCM Toolkit, please visit our website at

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