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IKM Instrutek AS is Pleased to Announce the All New FLIR GF Series Camera for Gas Leak Detection

IKM Instrutek has several Inspection Engineers in the condition monitoring department who can carry out inspection services world-wide on board rigs, FPSO/FSO, ships and all land based industry that may have need for such services. We are set up to respond on short notice, says Sales Director Rune Hassum at IKM Instrutek AS.

It is crucial to detect leak as early as possible and identify any problems at an early stage.
We therefore advice to do regular inspections and can set up an agreement with the customer according to their needs and requirements.

Dangerous gas leaks are a concern to the whole industry involved in gas handling because of the potential hazards to the environment, the people working and we can help companies prevent costly downtime of their production because you can keep a safe distance and still detect gas leaks with great precision.

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