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IMI Sensors brochure update: “Vibration Switches”

The Vibration Switches brochure can be downloaded on the IMI Sensors website at: Vibration Switch Brochure

The IMI Sensors brochure features the entire range of vibration switches from mechanical to electronic switches and the recently launched Smart Vibration Switch.  The industry exclusive Smart Vibration Switch offers higher accuracy and reliability than a mechanical switch for a very attractive price.  In addition, the switch is fully user programmable via USB connection and operates with only two wires as a smart upgrade of your existing mechanical switch.  Our mechanical vibration switches are typically used for less critical situations and are available in weatherproof and explosion proof versions.  Electronic vibration switches are highly accurate and boast a wide variety of features.  Electronic versions can have a built-in display, two set points with individual alarms and deliver 4-20 mA and 100 mV/g output signals.

IMI Sensors specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative sensors and associated signal conditioning instrumentation to meet the demanding requirements of process monitoring and protection tasks.  Vibration monitoring of plant and process machinery can provide crucial data that will lead to increased productivity and profitability. When vibration levels are monitored, excessive wear and potential failure can be recognized early.

In addition to vibration switches, IMI’s line of 4-20 mA vibration transmitters will interface directly with your PLC, DCS or SCADA control system so data can be easily trended. Scaled in inches per second velocity, in g’s of acceleration or mils of displacement, these sensors provide 24/7 online protection for key machinery, reducing downtime

Please direct all technical inquiries to John Sperrazza, Business Development Manager - Process/Protection Products, phone: (716) 684-0002 extension 2237 or email

About IMI Sensors

IMI Sensors, a PCB Piezotronics Division is dedicated to addressing the machinery vibration sensing needs for condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and process control requirements. All IMI sensors and vibration switches are designed to withstand the rigors of harsh industrial environments. Included are sensors that interface directly with vibration data collectors and analysis equipment, as well as process monitoring equipment, PLC, DCS, alarm, and SCADA systems.  For more information about IMI Sensors please call us anytime at 800-959-4464, or visit

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