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Incredible Resolution Produced by Process Sensors Metis Vision MV09 Thermovision camera

Equipped with a short wavelength of 0.75 to 1.08µ that minimizes temperature errors, the Metis Vision MV09 is a real time imaging camera with an update rate of 58Hz.  The compact Metis Vision MV09 is intended for use in high temperature sensing including steel, ceramics, composites, cement, paper and hazardous waste kilns, metals, research and development, and vacuum / industrial furnace applications.

Easily installed, the Process Sensors Metis Vision MV09 is available with an extremely rugged protective water cooled jacket and air purge for use in harsh environments.  It features adjustable trigger input for remote controlled activation of captured images, videos and alarms.

The companion VisionWin processing software allows automatic or manual temperature range adjustment and emissivity adjustment between 0.20 and 1.00 and provides individually adjustable 2D/3D software images.  The software allows line profiling, isothermal images, the selection of customized color temperature palettes and image comparison.

As with all other Process Sensors, the PSC Metis Vision MV09 offers high quality performance, outstanding value and long term reliability to industry professionals.

Process Sensors Corporation is a private company with a manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters located in Milford MA, USA.  The company is a manufacturer and distributor of non-contact temperature and moisture measurement instruments as well as a wide selection of blackbody calibration sources.  Technical and application support is provided worldwide through direct, regional and sales representative offices.

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