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Industrial IntelliStick Intrusion Detection and Oil Condition Monitor Increases Uptime

Newport Beach, CA,—IntelliStick is a patented, real-time intrusion detection and oil condition monitoring system that continuously reports vital information in mission-critical engine parts. It continuously scans for water, fuel and coolant intrusion, reports and graphs oil condition, and triggers alarms based on customer specifications, for increased uptime and productivity.

IntelliStick/TS is available for condition-based oil monitoring in engines, gearboxes, turbines and compressors in remote locations as well as local sites. The industrial instrument features a threaded sensor (1/2” NPT) and RS-232 data communications for DCS integration or other computer system.

IntelliStick recently completed six months of field testing and pilot programs that demonstrated IntelliStick/TS helps reduce the risk of catastrophic failure through early detection of intrusion contaminants, and through real-time scanning of additive package conditions and oxidation/acid build-up in the oil.

Priced lower than many other instruments, IntelliStick offers a rapid payback and guards against equipment failure, production interruption, or rebuilding or replacement due to intrusion in industrial applications. Continuous data enables condition-based maintenance, with additional savings through extended intervals of oil sample analysis, oil drain/replacement (not too soon or too late), improved fuel and operating efficiencies and longer equipment life.

As with the original, award-winning electronic dipstick automotive unit, the IntelliStick/TS includes sensor, analyzer and software package that collects and graphs the incoming data, allowing the user to visually track trends and changes in oil condition, as well as user-defined alarm settings.

The IntelliStick/TS is suitable for industrial applications in continuous manufacturing facilities, as well as remote and stationary equipment. Product information and additional specifications are available at and by contacting

IntelliStick, Inc., located in Newport Beach, Calif., manufacturers real-time oil condition sensor and monitor systems for industrial, vehicular and commercial cooking applications. IntelliStick sensors are currently in use across the U.S. and abroad, and available for DCS or system integration in paper and recycled paper mills, steel and glass manufacturing, chemical and allied product production facilities. Vehicular applications include on- and off-road heavy equipment, motor homes, farm equipment and construction vehicles, as well as medium and heavy-duty trucks for owner-operators, independent contractors and fleets.

For in-depth product information, pricing, availability, or access to IntelliStick representatives, please visit the web site

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