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Industrial Measuring with a new See-Thru Laser Receiver!

The method of operation is simple - a narrow laser beam provides a measuring reference line.  This Transparent receiver is placed on a machine or moving assembly to determine its position relative to this laser reference beam.  This new receiver will operate over distances of 100 feet or more and deliver a measuring precision of 0.0005 inch; ideal for demanding industrial alignment applications.  The Laser Microgage system and this newest receiver are well suited for lathe and spindle alignment, checking machine tool runout, roll and web alignment, precision bore alignment, and much more.  The Microgage 2D is easy to use with instructions that guide operator through their alignment project.  Several simple accessories allow for alignment of straightness, runout, parallelism, squareness, roll & web alignment, shaft & bore alignment, flatness measuring, and much more.

The 2-Axis Laser Microgage operates on batteries for added convenience and all components are machined of solid aluminum with a hard anodized coating for wear resistance.  A sealed push button keypad and large LCD display make the Microgage 2D easy and convenient to use in demanding industrial environments.  A serial and USB interface connect easily to a laptop or PC and link to popular spreadsheets for plotting and analyzing data for maintenance records, customer compliance and other uses.  This Microgage system includes a compact carrying case to store the components and is easily carried right out onto the manufacturing floor.

For additional information on this new Microgage 2D product or editorial materials, please contact Pinpoint Laser Systems; 800-757-5383 or

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