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Industrial Plant Safety Manager Concerned Maintenance Neglect Could Cause Catastrophic Hoist Failure

Lussow continued, We’re talking about machinery that is used to lift heavy loads overhead, and several of the components in this machinery have a critical life expectancy as a result of starts and run-time. Hoists require attention. Everything from contacts to oil must be replaced.

Until now, inefficient methods have been used to schedule when maintenance is due. Strict standards exist with ASME for hoist inspection. ASME could require a frequent inspection performed by the operator, or a periodic inspection where a designated person comes in to create a maintenance record.

Harrington has developed a new technology that changes everything about maintenance; the new count hour meter that counts the number of starts and run-times on a hoist. The count hour meter is under the control cover, and operates on a lithium battery; it takes the guess work out of maintenance and puts safety and maintenance managers at ease knowing the information documented on a daily basis.

In the event of catastrophic failure, OSHA will want to see accurate maintenance reports, and with the count hour meter, that data will already be in place.

It’s more peace of mind for the plant operator, to have everything in place with Harrington’s new count hour meter technology.

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