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Increased Adoption for Cloud-Based Asset Management Systems By Private and Public Transportation Organizations in 2016

NEW YORK, NY -- July 11, 2016

Infor, a leading provider of beautiful business applications specialized by industry and built for the cloud, today announced significant momentum for public sector transit customers using Infor Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). The considerable growth amongst Infor's transit customers mirrors the increasing global demand for technology solutions that deliver safe, reliable and efficient transportation options. The momentum further validates strategic investments that Infor has made to the EAM product suite over the years, fine-tuning the core functionality to optimize asset performance, enhance visibility, apply preventative maintenance measures and offer flexibility of a cloud-hosted deployment.

A major subset of this transit growth has been focused on metropolitan transit organizations in major cities across the U.S. Most recently, the New York City MTA has selected Infor to help standardize asset management throughout the organization. This includes the New York subway and bus systems, two commuter railroads, and nine toll bridges and tunnels that serve more than 8.6 million passengers in the greater metropolitan area. This deal was preceded by a similar investment from the San Francisco MTA in the summer of 2014, in which city officials selected a cloud deployment of Infor EAM. The San Francisco MTA, which oversees all public transportation initiatives throughout the city, opted for a new approach that would help unify agency-wide asset management, while also delivering mobile capabilities that can help heighten efficiency by providing field employees with real-time access to the system from any location. The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) has also utilized Infor EAM systems since 2011.

"The transportation industry represents a unique challenge when it comes to asset management. As timing is such a vital factor to the success of our objectives, we sought to enhance the asset management system that drives our organization. With Infor, we are able to structure an approach to improve asset reliability, reduce waste and achieve greater control of our diverse set of assets," said Feroze Khan, MTA procurement director of IT Category Management. "Working with Infor will allow us to focus on managing the software needs of our organization in a manner which delivers the best possible experience to our riders."

The recent transit growth has not been limited to the US. In April of this year ScotRail, a train operator responsible for 95 percent of Scotland's railroad network, had successfully implemented a cloud-hosted deployment of Infor EAM to help improve transportation operations and risk management. ScotRail, like many others in the transit vertical, adheres to strict safety, legislative, competency, training and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) requirements, which require rigorous business processes to achieve compliance. In order for such standards to be sustained, the processes must be capable of supporting activities in real time, making Infor EAM in the cloud an ideal system.

"Installing an EAM system on this scale within just a few months is a tall order by any standards," said William Marshall, Head of Engineering, ScotRail. "Infor acted diligently, professionally and with clear expertise, helping to address challenges along the way and working with us to ensure the system delivered precisely what we needed to meet our objectives.

Infor also helped longtime customer First Transit, a transportation management provider with more than 242 locations in 39 states, Canada and Puerto Rico transition to the cloud. First Transit was looking to invest in the future of the considerable transit fleet by moving to the cloud and adding mobile functionality, allowing technicians to use Infor EAM to help manage preventative maintenance and track work order assignments. The solution also prioritized the sequence of asset care by the supervisor in real time. This shift to the cloud helped First Transit minimize unscheduled repairs and therefore service interruptions, enabling them to best serve the customer base.

The depth of services provided by Infor EAM for the transportation sector reach far beyond the road and railways. Infor provides a vast suite of asset management applications that can be tailored to help fit the needs of any transit organization regardless of size, scope or variety, including airports. Last year, Infor provided Miami-Dade Aviation with an asset management system to provision preventative maintenance across five regional airports, including Miami International Airport, the nation's second-busiest airport for international passengers traveling to and from the US. The recent momentum is further corroborated by the diversity of more than 20 transportation customers to select Infor for fleet and asset management over the past few years.

"The transportation industry is the lifeline of global commerce, so without safe, efficient and reliable options, the world would literally be a smaller place. We always strive to deliver robust asset management solutions to all of our customers but few industries are so perfectly suited for asset management as the transit sector. The increasing number of customers, both big and small, that have turned to us in the past year or so truly validates that our approach for delivering cloud-enabled asset management tools is aligned with the needs of the industry," said Kevin Price, product director, Infor EAM. "We look forward to building upon our recent successes and continuing to serve our customer by providing them with tools to build the best transportation systems for their communities."

Infor has continued to invest in modernization of transit management to help provide public and private sector organizations with the tools needed to deliver safe and reliable transit management options to citizens around the world. This is achieved in part by offering robust, purpose-built systems that deliver measureable results such as enhanced asset visibility and preventative maintenance. Beyond delivering award-winning solutions and best in class products to the asset management community, Infor has publically advocated for the adoption of safety and compliance standards to be made within the public infrastructure, to help ensure the continuing prioritization of safety and reliability in the transportation industry.

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