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Informance Solves Analysis Paralysis For Manufacturers With Financial Module

Informance has a long history of helping manufacturers achieve their operations performance goals.  Companies around the world use Informance to support their lean manufacturing, continuous improvement, TPM and other operations excellence initiatives.  With Informance, they drive and sustain manufacturing operations performance to increase capacity and reduce costs.  Specifically, they use Informance products and services to discover, evaluate and take action on improvement opportunities in their manufacturing operations.  With the Informance Financial Module, they will now be able to measure, analyze, plan and report the financial impact of performance improvements.

According to AMR Research, 67% of manufacturing executives feel that enterprise visibility of production financial performance is one of the top issues in using manufacturing metrics to drive better decisions.  In other words, manufacturers face an overwhelming amount of data and lack a clear understanding of how all the data collected can or does affect their financial performance.  The result is inaction - “paralysis by analysis.”  The Informance Financial Module eliminates this problem by transforming the data into meaningful insight that manufacturing professionals can take action on.  Rather than striving just for an improvement on overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), downtime (unproductive time), or a myriad of other metrics, those on the front lines in the factories can now tackle the problems that have the greatest financial impact.  They will be able to point to direct impacts on operating margins.

About Informance International

Informance delivers Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) solutions to help clients accelerate operational performance initiatives, drive operating strategies and capture actionable insight; measured by speed-to-value.  Using Informance, manufacturing teams can drive corporate initiatives like Lean, Six Sigma, TPM, and other continuous improvement methods.  Clients quickly unlock hidden capacity, increase productivity without additional capital investment, reduce inventory and labor costs, and increase working capital.  To learn more, call 1-877-464-6262, e-mail or visit

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