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Infrared Imaging Engine for High Performance OEM Applications

Fairfield, NJ (PRWEB) April 2, 2010—Sofradir EC, Inc. has introduced a product line of infrared imaging engines based on cryogenically cooled MCT infrared detectors. A variety of models are being offered that span the infrared spectrum, including short-wave SWIR (800 nm - 2.5 ¼m), mid-wave MWIR (3-5 ¼m or 1.5 - 5µm), and long-wave LWIR (7.7 - 9.5 ¼m or 7.7 - 11.5 ¼m) models. Because of their versatility, these engines are ideal for easy integration into a wide range of electro-optical systems, delivering exceptional sensitivity and resolution performance.

The Sofradir EC infrared camera engine family harnesses the full performance of the Sofradir Mercury Cadmium Telluride (MCT) focal plane arrays while offering unique flexibility to meet the needs of any application or OEM requirement. The engines are available in mid-format (320x256), large-format (640x512), and megapixel (1280x1024).

The engines have a common connectivity and interface logic. The engine electronics include camera control electronics and a cooler controller board. The camera outputs corrected or uncorrected NTSC/PAL video and 14-bit digital data. Communication is over a serial (RS-232) interface. 14-bit digital data is streamed via LVDS or through optional CameraLink and/or Gigabit Ethernet. With optional optical mounts, optics, user interface panels, and housings, the engines can be customized to meet any requirement. In addition Sofradir EC offers a variety of software developer toolkits (SDKs) and command software modules for further flexibility.

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Company Background

Headquartered in Fairfield, New Jersey, Sofradir EC, Inc. is a member of the Sofradir Group of companies since December 2008. The company develops and manufactures advanced thermal imaging, near infrared and night vision systems for use in a host of imaging applications. Since 1969, the company has maintained its focus on delivering products that reflect exceptional engineering capabilities. The Electrophysics group continues to offer a product line of scientific imaging systems, night vision modules and portable infrared inspection cameras.

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