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Innovation 2.0 – Worlds First Android Atex Zone 1/21 Smartphone

Designed for professionals and workers who are exposed to the most hostile environments & engineered with employee safety in mind, the Innovation 2.0 has built-in Lone Worker Protection functions like a dedicated SOS-button, Man-Down Alarm and GPS-location.

Dust- and waterproof and shock-resistant, the INNOVATION 2.0 can resist a 2 meter drop on concrete, connect field works with the office through mobile inspections software, Exchange Email, embedded MDM options and applications like SAP Syclo which will achieve significant cost savings through improved operational inefficiencies across:

  • Scheduling and dispatch
  • Inventory management
  • Increase worker productivity
  • Streamline sales and supply chain management
  • Field service
  • Inspections and monitoring
  • Improve communications and data flow.

Communication is the backbone of any business and oil and gas organisations have always been at the forefront for leveraging emerging technology to manage business operations, processes, people, technology and information.

The Airacom Innovation 2.0 has dedicated Push-to-Talk through Airacom’s purpose built Push-to-Talk (PTT) software which uses the data connection of the smartphone to establish a direct connection to one or more participants by a simple push of a button similar to a global walkie-talkie.


One of the challenges faced by oil & gas organisations is to identify where the deployment of mobile solutions will bring the largest payoffs.

Airacom provides a unique enterprise perspective on solving client mobility needs as a leading integrator of intrinsically safe and explosion proof communications and data devices to the global oil and gas, military and defence industries in addition to Industrial and government sectors. As a leading turnkey solutions provider of mission critical information technology and communications solutions to the global Oil & Gas industry, covering both upstream to downstream and everything in the middle; Airacom assists organisations in the adoption of mobile technology to gain a strategic business advantage.

Improving productivity by speeding up work processes and on-site data capture, in addition to streamlining sales and supply chain management, compliance, inspection monitoring and equipment maintenance procedures.

Our underlying philosophy is health and safety, to provide the best possible products, service and value for money in order to drive improvements in employee and company inefficiencies. The time to mobilize your workforce and improve the communications and data flow within your organisation via enterprise mobility is now.

Reach your enterprise mobility strategy faster and more cost-effectively with expert consulting services from Airacom. Talk to one of our representatives today to discuss your enterprise requirements…


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