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InSync Software Releases iAppEnterprise 4.0 Asset Tracking and Life Cycle Management Application

San Jose, CA, October 11, 2011—(—InSync Software Inc., today announced the immediate availability of the 4.0 release of its iAppEnterprise Asset Life Cycle Management Application. iAppEnterprise (built on InSync’s award-winning iApp Platform) is an enterprise-class asset lifecycle management and tracking application that helps companies quickly locate and track assets, maintain and manage mission critical asset maintenance and inspection information, run multi-location audits and ultimately better manage risks. iAppEnterprise is multi-modal, with out-of-the-box connectivity to RFID, barcode, GPS and mobile devices from leading vendors such as Motorola, Intermec, Zebra, IDENTEC, Precyse, Mojix, Psion, Impinj, Intelleflex and many more.

iAppEnterprise is designed for companies that deal with high-value and high-risk assets in industries such as oil and gas, high-tech, construction and food. In these industries assets of mission-critical importance such as machinery, parts, vehicles, lab equipment and personnel must be closely tracked, monitored and accounted for within the four walls or beyond.

iAppEnterprise 4.0 features a cloud-based enablement model that allows for rapid application deployment across multiple locations and geographies throughout the extended enterprise. Using the application, users can configure and bring new locations online through a simple drag-and-drop menu. Using built-in configuration utilities, an admin user can set permissions and limits as to what information is made available to each location, set alerts to be raised based on defined tolerances, and test and manage devices such as RFID readers and mobile handhelds. The application utilizes local and remote components to guarantee high levels of availability throughout the system.

New to the 4.0 release is a more-powerful asset auditing utility. Users can create asset audit lists at any time using several criteria including the type of asset, asset description, asset location, or the length of time since the asset was last audited. To run an audit a user simply logs into the audit creation screen, specifies the date/time, audit list name and a specific auditor (if desired), and then creates the asset list. This list can then be downloaded wirelessly to an on-site handheld where the actual audit will occur. Multiple audit lists can be created and loaded for auditing multiple zones within a location. This allows the auditor to move efficiently, room to room, without having to return to the sever every time a new list is needed.

Asset maintenance management is another area where the 4.0 version of iAppEnterprise has been enhanced. The application’s maintenance and inspection utility allows users set-up UIs to define inspection or calibration programs for particular assets. The utility allows users to define the duration between calibration/maintenance events, when the individuals responsible for the equipment should be notified that an asset needs calibration, how frequently the users should be notified and what steps should occur when the calibration process has been completed.

The 4.0 release includes support for leading ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle. Adapters for these systems provide users with the ability to immediately connect to ERP and back-end systems to import purchase orders and retrieve asset information, maintenance histories and other mission-critical business data.

“This application is our enterprise-class solution for companies looking to dramatically improve their asset tracking and life cycle management processes,” says Ravi Panja, President of InSync Software, Inc. “By utilizing a cloud-driven, multi-modal model and incorporating numerous asset processes and actions into a single application (tracking, maintenance, audit), companies can achieve levels of visibility and process management that until now have required piecing together multiple systems from multiple vendors.”

About InSync Software, Inc.
InSync Software, Inc. provides the fabric for the world’s leading RFID, GPS and sensor-driven asset tracking applications. InSync’s award-winning iApp Suite of products offers a best-in-class solution for building, operating and managing enterprise class, next generation indoor and outdoor asset tracking applications. Whether utilized through the Cloud (SaaS) or on-premises InSync’s iApp Platform and applications allow end-users, managed service providers and ISVs to rapidly realize the benefits a highly connected world - increased asset visibility, improved operational efficiencies and lower risks. Learn more at

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