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Integration of Tools for More Effective Safety Instrumented Systems Management

Meridium APM software improves the performance of production assets with effective asset strategies based on best practices, rigorous analytics and plant history. Meridium APM software also aligns key performance indicators with corporate goals and provides critical analyses to decision makers about their production assets on an enterprise, plant, system, equipment, and component level. The new Meridium SIS Management software addresses safety lifecycle requirements and allows users to:

* Assess Safety Integrity Level (SIL) requirements
* Perform Safety Integrity Level (SIL) verifications
* Conduct proof testing
* Provide continuous monitoring of equipment performance to ensure actual failure rates comply design specified failure rates

Meridium’s SIS Management module is integrated with Meridium’s Hazards Analysis application and can leverage the complete suite of APM tools provided by Meridium. This integration saves time and speeds up the SIL assessment by reducing the data entry process. The software uses the Hazards Analysis risk assessment as the most recent SIL assessment for new Protective Instrumented Functions (PIF). Key to an effective SIL reassessment process is using evergreen data from integrated EAM systems to validate the design failure rate data on an ongoing basis.

exida’s exSILentia software is an integrated safety lifecycle engineering tool used for compliance with IEC 61511 / ANSI/ISA 84.00.01-2004 and provides a structured, consistent approach to the various safety lifecycle tasks. The Safety Equipment Reliability Handbook is the ultimate reference for any functional safety engineer involved in conceptual design and safety integrity level (SIL) verification. The Handbook offers a vast amount of detailed reliability data for both specific manufacturer products as well as generic equipment items. Many companies have standardized their SIL verifications on reliability data published by exida, and independent studies done by ARC have also concluded that the exSILentia software is the market leader in the SIL selection and SIL verification software market.

“The extensive and well defined reliability data in the Safety Equipment Reliability Handbook drove our decision to include this wealth of information in our SIS Management software,” said Steve Soos, product manager for Meridium. “A natural partner to the content in the handbook is exida’s Markov calculation engine for SIL validation, which is TUV certified and is integrated with the SERH database.”

“The inclusion of this content into Meridium APM will provide our customers with comprehensive, easy to use SIS life cycle management system,” said Iwan van Beurden, Director of Engineering of exida. “The exSILentia software is more focused on an individual user basis whereas Meridium’s focus is on enterprise solutions, consequently this cooperation is a perfect match. Seamless data exchange between the two tools will help overall efficiency. During these times of increased drive for cost effective solutions, we expect that the Meridium and exida toolset to become the industry standard for safety lifecycle engineering information.”

About Meridium

Meridium Inc. is the global leader in asset performance management solutions for process, power, mining and discrete manufacturing industries. With Meridium software and services, companies will accelerate profitability through effective asset strategies, thus increasing asset reliability and improving the performance of their production assets. Developing or improving these asset strategies also has a direct, positive impact on operational excellence by reducing financial, health and safety, and production risk; optimizing maintenance costs; ensuring regulatory compliance and decreasing the potential for undesirable incidents. Industry leaders such as Chevron, LyondellBasell, Marathon Oil, Anglo Platinum, and Xcel Energy rely on Meridium for enterprise wide asset performance. Meridium is headquartered in Roanoke, VA, USA, with regional offices in Houston, TX, USA; Dubai, UAE; Walldorf, Germany; and Perth, Australia.  

About exida

exida is a certification and research company specializing in safety critical and high availability automation systems. exida provides services to OEMs, engineering companies, and end users and performs functional safety assessments to certify OEM products and validate engineering and end-user work. exida has performed more process control safety certifications than any other company worldwide. exida’s main offices are located in Sellersville, PA, USA and Munich, Germany. exida has worldwide operations with service centers in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Houston, TX, USA. If you would like additional information on exida, or any exida products or services, please visit our website at

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