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IntelliSchematic Set to Present At AISTech 2014 in Indianapolis

IntelliSchematic is scheduled to exhibit and present at this year’s AISTech Iron and Steel Conference on May 5 - 8th. The 2014 technical conference will feature more than 450 individual presentations covering advancements in all phases of iron production including steel making, rolling and finishing processes, and the various engineering, equipment and process technologies.

In May, IntelliSchematic’s exposition will demonstrate how its customized iSchematic troubleshooting and training application is used in machine downtime situations. Furthermore, representatives will specifically address how today’s steel producers will use machine-specific training tools to grow an efficient upcoming generation of troubleshooters.

“AISTech fosters an exceptional environment to learn about industry technology and present iSchematic’s machine-specific troubleshooting solutions,” said Wes Farnsworth, IntelliSchematic Account Representative. “After last year’s achievements, IntelliSchematic decided to increase its involvement for the 2014 show.”

In addition to the exhibition, IntelliSchematic will host a 30-minute technical presentation that discusses its unique solution to the steel industry’s increasing demand for uptime to offset non-recoverable downtime. During the lecture, Nucor Steel-Birmingham will be on hand to showcase its facility’s impressive decline in downtime after implementing iSchematic into their maintenance procedures. A question and answer session will follow the presentation.

The web-based iSchematic connects people to processes in every facility. This interactive gateway allows workforces to interact with machine and system information while giving supervisors a platform to perform updates and additions. The iSchematic application provides workers the information they need to troubleshoot the machines in their facility more efficiently.

For more information about IntelliSchematic, iSchematic and AISTech 2014, please visit or You can also contact us at 800-837-8872 or at sales(at)tpctraining(dot)com.

About IntelliSchematic: IntelliSchematic, and sister company TPC Training Systems, are a divisions of Telemedia, Inc. – a privately held company located in Buffalo Grove, IL. Leaders in technical, safety, and machine-specific training, IntelliSchematic and TPC have trained over 3.5 million workers at 40,000 companies by employing proven resources rooted in employee development. IntelliSchematic utilizes technology to deliver machine-specific information, training, and process knowledge to workers in any industry.

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