FOLSOM, Calif. - Jan. 3, 2018 

Interloc Solutions is pleased to announce our newest App Store addition to the Mobile Informer family -- InformerIM. InformerIM is a complete warehouse management solution, covering all common warehouse management tasks including issuing and returning, receiving and transferring, and counting and shipping for IBM Maximo.

Like all of the Mobile Informer applications, InformerIM is designed to be intuitive and is streamlined to how end users perform their work. Each task within the native-to-the device app has the minimum number of necessary work steps-automatically increasing warehouse productivity and end-user adoption for years of consistency in use for exceptional data reliability.

InformerIM synchronizes data with Maximo in real-time. This means no reconciliation of data, giving you one source of truth. Additionally, InformerIM lets you enrich your Picture Library while doing routing warehouse activities or print barcode labels on the fly.

"InformerIM rounds out the Mobile Informer offerings, giving our clients a wide range of out-of-the-box applications," said Michael Watson, President and CEO of Interloc Solutions. "From simple work management to complex warehouse management, users now have access to intuitive, secure applications, based on the award-winning Mobile Informer platform."

InformerIM runs on either iOS or Android and can be readily downloaded from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store today.

With this App Store announcement, the Mobile Informer platform now offers five out-of-the-box applications covering all your Maximo maintenance needs – work management, self-service requestor, bin counting, airfield inspections and complete warehouse management. Additionally, the Mobile Informer platform is flexible enough to support any of your specific industry asset management needs with a purpose-built application.

Work online or offline seamlessly with an identical user experience, on the only end-to-end fully encrypted, scaling to 4,000+ users for clients, proven mobile application for IBM Maximo – Mobile Informer.

Get a demo of the newest member of the Mobile Informer family or any of the Mobile Informer apps by clicking here!

About Interloc

Interloc took a very specific, technically advanced development approach to mobility for Maximo when we introduced our mobile solution, Mobile Informer for IBM Maximo, to the market over seven years ago. The unique native-to-Maximo architecture of Mobile Informer continues to be different than any other mobile offering for Maximo on the market and surpasses its competitors in design and approach for performance via the findings of an unbiased, performance benchmarking third party. The end result for you- is simply mobility that works providing quantifiable business data to you and your organization for years to come.

Interloc Solutions continues to be 100% dedicated to helping you realize the greatest potential from your Maximo investment, providing award winning consulting services in addition to mobile solutions for over twelve years. We are passionate about putting our IBM Gold technical accreditation with Maximo to work for you to get the results you need for your business. Together, Interloc's innovative consulting services and mobile solutions have been validated by IBM and the Industry.

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