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Interloc Solutions Completes Successful Maximo Upgrade at JFK International Air Terminal 4

JFKIAT operates International Terminal (Terminal 4) at JFK Airport, per a lease arrangement with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Terminal 4 is located in Jamaica, NY, and is currently one of the largest, most spacious terminals in the New York area. It is home to Delta Airlines and over 30 other airlines that carry about 19 million passengers annually, operating both international and domestic routes.

The Maximo upgrade Interloc performed was a technical reimplementation, enabling JFKIAT to:

  • Develop a balanced scorecard to track new key performance indicators
  • Proactively managed work requests and incidents
  • Stay current with their Maximo licenses and support

With this new version of Maximo in place, passengers can be assured that JFKIAT is proactively ensuring that their airport remains the “Terminal of Choice.” Next steps for JFKIAT include even more proactive services for passengers including exploring mobile technology and providing applications that allow initiation of service requests.

“We are pleased with the Maximo upgrade that Interloc implemented to help us proactively serve our customers,” said Edmund Quintana, Facilities Manager, JFK Terminal 4. “We look forward to a continued partnership with the Interloc team as we move forward with implementing purchasing within Maximo.”


Regarded as `The Terminal of Choice’, the facility is in the second phase of a major expansion project for Delta Air Lines which adds additional capacity and state-of-the-art technology. JFKIAT, the operator of Terminal 4, offers airlines a dedicated management company that oversees all landside, airside and terminal operations. Travelers benefit from a commitment to passenger service. Terminal 4 at JFK International Airport is a successful paradigm for air terminal management and a model of public-private partnership.

Terminal 4 is the only non-airline, privately-operated terminal at JFK. JFKIAT, through its sole member, is a partly-owned subsidiary of Schiphol USA Inc. (SUSA), an indirect U.S. subsidiary of Schiphol Group. Terminal 4 opened in May 2001 after undergoing a $1.4 billion redevelopment, transforming the former International Arrivals Building (IAB) into an air terminal model for the 21st century. More information about the company and JFK Terminal 4 can be found at

About Interloc

From connected, smart devices to predictive maintenance to reliability that matters, Interloc is at the heart of Maximo innovation. 100% dedicated to helping you realize the greatest potential from your Maximo investment, Interloc provides award winning services and innovative product solutions for Maximo. Recognized for consulting services and innovative, mobile solutions, Interloc is proud to have been named winner of three IBM Business Partner awards, finalist for three IBM Business Partner Awards, and finalist for three IBM Beacon awards. Find out more about Interloc at

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