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IR Thermometer Incorporates Twin Laser Identification Of Target Spot Location At Any Distance

The Model PSC-SSS-Laser-3M offers a wide overall temperature span of 50 to 600°C, a short wavelength, spectral response of 2.3µm, and selectable target spot sizes from 1.75mm at 70mm distance, 90mm at 3600mm, 0.7mm at 70mm or 36mm at 3600mm, depending on the selection of optics and model. The specification particularly suits the thermometer to secondary metal processing, and the measurement of oxides and ceramic materials.

Signal processing and programming electronics are contained in a rugged 2.75” X 3.5” (70 x 89mm) housing that can be mounted up to 9.8 feet (3m) from the sensor head as standard, or optionally 26 feet (8m) or 49 feet (15m), providing greater immunity from electromagnetic interference, mechanical shock, and high ambient temperatures. The sensing head is able to withstand ambient temperatures of up to 85ºC without cooling.

Functions provided by the signal processing and programming unit include: analog outputs of 0/4-20mA, 0-5/10V, and J and K thermocouple. Optional digital outputs are: USB, RS 232, RS 485, Profibus DP and Ethernet. Programmable parameters include emissivity and transmissivity adjustments, peak and valley hold, averaging, and extended hold with threshold and hysteresis.

Process Sensors’ “PSCconnect Software” supports sensor set-up, multi-tasking, graphic display of temperature trends, and data logging, and in general allows the user to customize the sensor to the application. More information can be found at  

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