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IRISS Announces First Graduating Class of IRISS Certified Installers

Bradenton, FL-April 11, 2013-IRISS, a leader in the industrial infrared (IR) window market for electrical safety, announced today their first graduating class of IRISS Certified Installers taught in the newly built IRISS state-of-the-art corporate headquarters and training facility located in Bradenton, FL.

“We designed this course to benefit our customers and electrical service contractors,” states Martin Robinson, IRISS CEO. “When a customer of ours needs their IR windows installed, they can depend on an IRISS Certified Installer whom has been trained and passed practical field tests to be certified by our installation experts.”

“What’s not exciting about putting on a blast suit and playing the game Operation,” states Mike McMurrain, IRISS Training Manager. McMurrain helped develop this course to be a hands-on learning experience with a variety of experiments and simulations using the tools and personal protection equipment (PPE) to make learning enjoyable and engaging.

“The IRISS Certified Installer course helped me understand why I was installing IR windows, and how to do it safely,” states one of the satisfied students.

Additionally, electrical service contractors benefit by growing their client base with referrals because IRISS is only referring installation of IR windows to IRISS Certified Installers.

The Certified Installers class is one of seven courses taught through IRISS’s Safety and Maintenance Academy of Reliability Technologies or SMART Academy. These courses provide students and their companies the knowledge and practical experience necessary to complete electrical inspections safely and efficiently. Courses include Energized Electrical Maintenance, Level I IR Electrical Certification, Level II IR Electrical Certification, IRISS Certified Installer, and Customized On-Site Training Solutions Auditing Electrical Assets, Jump-Start IR Window Program, and Installation Support of IR Windows. In addition to training available at the SMART Training Academy, IRISS offers on-site or regional classes.

About IRISS, Inc.
IRISS industrial-grade infrared (IR) windows give customers an efficient way to safely inspect electrical equipment without exposure to the risk of a hazardous arc flash, accidents or injuries. Our unique window designs feature a durable, clear polymer lens that allows visual, UV and short/mid/longwave IR spectrum inspections and are available in custom shapes and sizes to fit the needs of any application. Through our Safety and Maintenance Academy of Reliability Technologies, IRISS offers many unique training and certification classes that provide the practical experience and knowledge necessary to complete electrical maintenance inspections safely and efficiently. For more information, visit

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