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IRISS announces release of 10 Things You Need to Know About Infrared Windows

The goal of this informative guide will clarify a handful of the key points that are at the heart of most questions about infrared windows-their use and limitations.

Martin Robinson, President of IRISS, inc. and author of this guide states, “As the use, and application, of IR windows continues to gain acceptance, the diversity of applications will continue to prompt an even wider range of questions. However, most relate to just a few core concepts. I present these tips and technical details not just as a manufacturer who understands the engineering and scientific issues pertaining to IR windows; I also bring my practical knowledge as a Level III thermographer with over 15 years of industry experience. It is my end-user perspective that makes IRISS unique in the industry; and it is our focus on this perspective that is reflected in all our product designs and product development. Our company, our products and this guide are all based on practical, real world experience that has been honed with input from clients, staff and through countless hours of personally architecting successful IR window programs for companies around the globe.”

Download your copy of the “10 Things” guide today at  

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