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We are so excited about the launch of this new site which offers six main areas for our customers and visitors. These main areas are: Product Information, Technical Support, IRISS News,  Interactive Tools, Knowledge Center and our newly added Blog comments, Tammi Pickett, Marketing Director. Our goal is to be the hub of information for the IR Windows Industry and I believe we have exceeded that goal. 

Martin Robinson, CEO states, We have collaborated with the marketing / technical team of IRISS, Inc. as well as requests from our customers. The culmination of this collaboration offers a simple and clean design that significantly improves navigation and functionality which translates into a more comprehensive source of company information and services.  I am very pleased to have such an innovative and interactive website.

For more information about the IRISS family of products, please visit

About IRISS inc.
Established in 2007, IRISS, Inc. is a privately held company whose mission is to enable companies to “save time, save money and stay safe.” As manufacturer of the world’s first and only industrial-grade infrared windows, IRISS’s end-user-designed products are the culmination of more than 16 years experience using and designing infrared windows, and launching infrared window programs around the world. IRISS products are the heart of efficient and safe work processes for infrared electrical surveys and thereby provide the means with which companies can reduce and eliminate risk to plant assets and personnel.
By facilitating closed-panel inspections, use of IRISS infrared windows eliminate 99.9% of arc flash triggers during IR electrical surveys and help companies to comply with NFPA and OSHA mandates. To learn more about infrared inspection solutions from IRISS, visit

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