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IRISS, Inc. Announces CAP and VP Series Certified to UL50E/NEMA – Environmental Ratings

Bradenton, FL (PRWEB)

IRISS, Inc., the manufacturer of the world’s only industrial-grade infrared windows capable of passing durability and impact requirements has completed environmental testing on the VPFR Series (including VP-12) to the following UL 50E & NEMA Environmental Type Ratings: 1,2,3,3R, and 5. The Custom Application Products (CAP) Series which were the world’s first square IR windows series, were UL & NEMA Environmental Type Rated for: 1, 2, 3, 3R, 5, 12, 12K, 13 (as designated by UL).

The UL & NEMA standards apply to enclosures for electrical equipment intended to be installed and used in non-hazardous locations as follows: enclosures for indoor locations only, Types 1, 2, 5, 12, 12K, and 13; and enclosures for indoor or outdoor locations, Types 3 and 3R.

In addition to the environmental ratings both product ranges were also rated to UL 1558 which is a standard which covers metal-enclosed low-voltage power circuit breaker switchgear enclosures. While this standard is for lower voltages (<600 volts) we felt it prudent to certify to this standard as it is more universally accepted. The fact that we also meet the Impact and Load requirements for IEEE C37.20.2 (A.3.6) which covers installations up to and including 38, 000 Volts should not be overlooked, as this greatly differentiates our products from all other competitors’ offerings.

Robert Price, Supply Chain, Logistics and Manufacturing Manager of IRISS added: “Obtaining the UL & NEMA certifications for our entire product line is a great accomplishment for all of us at IRISS. We have pushed the boundaries of how well an infrared window can be built and the UL certifications acknowledge our efforts. However, we will not remain satisfied with these ratings and will be actively pursuing product enhancements to gain additional certifications.”

According to CEO, Martin Robinson, IRISS windows are “the most tested windows on the market.” The UL & NEMA ratings on the CAP Series and the entire VP Series, certifies these both for indoor and outdoor applications. “For years we have had customers installing our windows in outdoor settings and have not had any failures. UL & NEMA certifying that direct exposure to beating rain, does not interfere with the successful operation of our windows and results in no wetting of components within a rated enclosure, was a logical next step in differentiating us from the competition,” continues Robinson.

As solutions providers the team at IRISS brings a multitude of experiences from world class maintenance programs together to meet the individual needs of commercial, industrial, power generation, and government maintenance programs that put the clients’ needs ahead of profit margins or fixed product offerings. To obtain additional information about IRISS, Inc. and to learn more about infrared thermography technology and the use of infrared windows go to: or contact m.douglas(at)iriss(dot)com.

About IRISS, Inc.

Established in 2007, IRISS, Inc. is a privately held company whose mission is to enable companies to “save time, save money and stay safe.” As manufacturer of the world’s first and only industrial-grade infrared windows, IRISS’s end-user-designed products are the heart of efficient and safe work processes for infrared electrical surveys and thereby provide the means with which companies can reduce and eliminate the risk of arc flash to plant assets and personnel. IRISS, Inc. corporate offices are located in Bradenton, Florida, US, with additional offices located in Knoxville, Tennessee, US, Chelmsford, Essex, UK, and Melbourne, Victoria, AU.

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